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1970's and 80's artists who influenced me as a musician.

When you mix 1970's and 80's artists such as James Brown, Michael Jackson, Prince, Quincy Jones, Aretha Franklin, Pattie Labelle, Chaka Kahn, Earth, Wind and Fire, Curtis Blow, Grand Master Flash and all the other great groups and bands of these 2 decades into one big mixing pot, you end up with a flavor that has influenced Independent Songwriter, Music Producer and Musician J Gulli nearly all his life. He admits, " there is an element of each of these great artists in everything I write. You can drop any of my songs right in the middle of the 70's and 80's era and not miss a beat".With a blend of old school soul/r&b, smooth jazz, pop/rock, rap/hip hop and other genres, Gulli says it's all about love, heartbreak, inspiration, truth and dancing. The question is, what happen to all those folks who loved soul and r&b music from this era? And where are all the great artists who wrote and performed all this great music? "Just consider me a die hard 70's, 80's songwriter who still believes that there are millions of old schoolers out there waiting for new music from back in the day to be produced". And you can listen to J Gulli at or for his perspective on what he believes is still the greatest music of his time.